Retirement Planning

Transitioning into retirement is one of life’s most pivotal moves. At Bluegrass Legacy Group, we believe prudent planning extends beyond the numbers. The human element of retirement has a significant impact on your happiness and success in your golden years. It’s not enough to retire from something, you also need to retire to something.

Our Retirement Planning Process

Ideally, each of us retires only once. There is no mulligan. You don’t get a do-over. We walk you through a proven process to remove the guesswork.

  • Set a date – We call this your “work optional” target date. It may or may not be realistic initially, but it gives us a starting point.
  • Define your income plan – What cashflow will you need monthly / annually to support the lifestyle you envision? We employ a simple, innovative approach.
  • Organize your assets – Cash, Real estate, 401ks, stocks, businesses, mineral rights, royalties, pension, annuities; all of these are vital elements. Coordinating and aligning them with your needs is essential.
  • Consider social security – Contrary to popular belief, social security isn’t likely to vanish tomorrow. At the same time, there are various claiming strategies to consider.
  • Pressure test the plan – How will your plan be impacted by interest rate changes? What is the optimum amount and timing of distributions? Identifying risks to the plan and mitigating them could be the difference between surviving and thriving.

Retiring is Easy

If you wanted to retire this week, you could. Retiring is easy: just stop working. That’s not the problem. The problem is to figure out how to stay retired.

Accumulation Phase (“the climb”) – Accumulating enough resources to retire requires a lot of sacrifice and hard work. You need discipline and a willingness to embrace delayed gratification. It’s essential, but it isn’t difficult. Save more, spend less. Rinse and repeat.

Distribution Phase (“the descent”) – Accumulation is only half the journey. Navigating retirement with a diversified income stream is the other half. Descending the retirement peak and effectively distributing assets over time can be risky without a skilled guide. Our team will work with you to build and execute a Faucet and Bucket Income Strategy™.

The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.

With our established process, we’ll walk you through planning, organizing, and executing a plan to implement a “work optional” lifestyle.