Wealth Management

focus on windshield not mirror

In the modern era of robo-advisors and index funds, portfolio construction has become commonplace. Less common is effective risk budgeting coupled with predictive data analytics. While most investment managers drive your portfolio by looking in the rear view mirror of past results, we manage by looking through the windshield and leveraging a dashboard of instruments. You need an investment manager who is alert, watching the road, and keeping your money out of the ditch.

Our Approach

Forward-looking – We pressure-test your portfolio against likely future scenarios

Risk budget management – Risk should be allocated and budgeted

Tax sensitive – It doesn’t matter what you make, it matters what you keep

Feed your flowers – Good investments should be nurtured and multiplied

Cut your weeds – Bad investments shouldn’t be left to go wild

Our Fee Structure

There are three models for how we work with our clients:

  1. Investment Management** (asset-based fee)
    By pooling together old 401ks, IRAs, excess cash at the bank, as well as on-going monthly or quarterly contributions, we help clients organize their finances in pursuit of their goals. Assets are managed in a balanced investment portfolio in alignment with a client’s risk tolerance. The annual fee structure is on a sliding scale depending upon relationship size.
  2. Legacy Coaching** (advisory fee)
    Through on-going coaching, we guide clients through making sound financial decisions in pursuit of their goals. For this service, we charge an annual planning fee (see Legacy Coaching for more info).
  3. A la carte** (fee for service)
    Some clients prefer to manage their own investments and simply pay for specific projects or services. Projects may include:
    – 401k guidance
    – portfolio risk management
    – financial planning
    – ad hoc consulting
    Project-based fees vary depending upon complexity.

**Services provided under advisory services agreement.

The small amount of money you will pay our team to manage your wealth and coach you toward your goals won’t change our lives, but it certainly will change yours.

When the market climate changes, your portfolio should too.

Risk tolerance, asset mix, and investment selections shouldn’t be static. Let’s discuss an investment strategy to meet your needs.